We build beautiful software,
with our bare hands.

Nulayer is a software development company that specializes in creating web and mobile products. We craft refined user experiences that are intuitive, effective and memorable. Based in Toronto, we are a team of over 20 (and growing) entrepreneurs, artists and developers. All of us are passionate about finding creative ways of building beautiful technology.

Let’s pretend you want to build a skyscraper.


First thing's first:

you’ve got to choose a design. After sifting through hundreds of proposals, you realize all the designs fall under two categories.

On one hand you have the "safe" option. Boxy and utilitarian, these skyscrapers are just plain ugly, but they get the job done. People build them because they’ve been done a million times before and are easy to repeat. Just slap a sign on the front door and you’re done.

Then there are the other skyscrapers:

the innovative ones. These are the gems of architecture. These are the hearts of great cities. Crafted with love, these structures change lives, breed new ideas and challenge the old. These skyscrapers inspire a better future.

Skyscraper 2
Skyscraper 3

Now think of software as the skyscraper

What kind of software does the world need more of?

At Nulayer the choice is clear. Software should be beautiful. It should inspire us. It should be new. This is our philosophy. We choose the option that is more exciting, more groundbreaking, more different. It’s not as easy as the other path, but nothing worth doing is.


The easiest way to make content and advertising look beautiful on tablets. Pressly lets publishers deliver the world’s best swipe experience, right from their website, and monetize that traffic with full-screen tablet ads – all in under a day. See the future of publishing: Pressly.com

ScoreMobile App for iPhone

A total re-design of the ground-breaking, universal sports app from ScoreMobile. Adding hundreds of new features, customized feeds, interactive blog content and a brand new, amazing user experience. The best sports app ever, just got better. See what’s new: scoremobile.com/iPhone

ScoreMobile iPad Edition

Backend CMS and frontend design for this monster sports app, with tons of sports leagues, players and teams, and a payload of awesome content from the good sports people at theScore.com. A frequent 4+ star winner on the App Store, and millions of loyal users worldwide. Get it, today.


A Nulayer product, Crowdreel is a social photo aggregator that gives you one place to see what’s happening, anywhere in the world, anytime. A crowd favorite at Twitter’s 2009 Chirp event, and featured on Mashable. See what’s happening, right now: Crowdreel.com

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